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= Paris My Heart =

Exciting New Novel by L. A. Cherbourg

Out Now: *Paris My Heart*. Paris My Heart is the first in a series of new novels that contain touches of romance, magic, mystery, and adventure. Click for info at Paris Bookshop.

This is the lead-in of a new forthcoming (Spring 2018) series set in Paris, featuring a cast of characters who each bring out something about themselves and their chosen city on the Seine. The goal is entertainment, with one of the world's most famous and exciting settings for background: the City of Light, Paris. The stories are planned to be light-hearted, romantic, and above all, fresh and original. More info soon; thanks for your interest and patience—we'll talk more soon. Adieu until then from Paris, Luxembourg, and California.

Coming soon: *Paris Passerelle: Bridge of Regret* a darker fantasy set in Paris, Heidelberg, and Oregon, in which parallel lives intertwine around the solution to one of art history's greatest mysteries: Mona Lisa's smile (painting completed by Leonardo da Vinci at a French chateau before his death in 1519, and now hanging in the Louvre in Paris). More info on that one soon. Other Paris novels due out soon as well.

Little Paris Café and Paris Bookshop are concepts emulating many bookstores around the world that are a functional union of the coffee shop and the bookstore. One such fusion in particular bears special mention: Shakespeare and Company Bookstore (Wikipedia) and Café on the Rue de la Bûcherie in Paris 75005 (Fifth Arrondissement). There is no connection with my venture and theirs, but they will be a natural destination for English speakers visiting Paris. Here is their website for your reference, convenience, and admiration: Shakespeare and Company Bookstore. You can visit their café page, and also order books online, and more—from their website. Again, no connection with my venture, but a salute of admiration. As a famous landmark, that has been home to generations (and lost generations) of artists for nearly a century, they are mentioned in many novels and other books set in Paris.

Luxembourg, European Union, United States


Published: *Paris My Heart* December 2017

Little Paris Cafe, a romantic destination set in Paris