Little Paris Cafe - novel series in romantic Paris by Jean-Thomas Cullen


Exciting New Series

Coming Soon: First Novel in a Series. Paris is a special place in the world. That's why it attracts far more visitors than any other place on earth. I'm Jean-Thomas Cullen—I've spent a lot of time there (along with Luxembourg, Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Berlin, and many other great cities). My home base now is wonderful San Diego, but Paris remains in a league by herself. Like so many international travelers (who have lived and worked overseas), I can never get enough. In this upcoming fiction series, I want to share the atmosphere and the dream, as well as the realities.

Soon: December 2017. My novel will be available soon—about a young American woman named Christine Charles, who at 27 is already a seasoned traveler but vulnerable in so many ways. A sudden, major traumatic event upends her life. Now she flies from her home in California to that other place where her heart lies: the City of Light.

Christine Charles in Paris. She will put the pieces back together, start enjoying life again, and find romance when it comes. As she grows stronger amid the seasons and flowers, the monuments and churches, the bookstores and cafés, she becomes more Parisian. She has found her Happy Place, and now she is ready to meet Him, whoever He may be. She has time. She'll be as careful as she is hungry, and enjoy life day by fragrant, lovely day. No worry, no hurry. She says with a shrug, as the French say, c'est la vie.

Little Paris Café This is the title of my new forthcoming (December 2017) novel set in Paris, and a planned series of that name. The goal is entertainment, with one of the world's most famous and exciting settings for background: the City of Light, Paris. The novel and series are designed to be light-hearted, suitable for all ages and genders, with a progressive outlook embracing tolerance and enlightenment. More info soon; thanks for your interest and patience—we'll talk more soon. Adieu until then.

Luxembourg, European Union, United States


Note: You may have noticed the difference between the flag in the image with the pretty woman at right, and the flag immediately above. The young woman is walking past a French flag flying in Paris. The flags shown just above here are (from left to right) of Luxembourg, the European Union, and the United States. I hold citizenships in all three. Speaking of international, I have to put in a plug for my other love, Canada. So, friend, welcome to my intercontinental webplex. Now let's forget our cares and have fun.

First Novel Due Out December 2017

Little Paris Cafe, a romantic novel set in Paris